September 15, 2005

Tuebingen Umbrisch-Provenzalischer Markt

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Tuebingen Provenzalischer Markt, SpicesThis weekend in Tuebingen, there is a large market going on in the Altstadt. There are frequently markets in the Marktplatz (hence the name), but this one is a bit larger. While the normal markets feature only vendors from around the town, mostly selling food, this includes vendors from Italy and France, selling everything from cheeses to wines to food to crafts.

Tuebingen Provenzalischer MarktBoth of these pictures were taken this afternoon at this market. Things were already crowded, and one could barely move. From what we have been told, it gets significantly worse: tomorrow and Saturday night will be an unbearable crush of people. Thankfully, I think I got my fill of it today. These two photos were the two best, and I really like the one above; I think it is one of the best photos I’ve taken in the last year.

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